Sunday, April 9, 2017

After RBI, Election Commission begins to rot and decay

What is the point in postponing a poll?

This is the same as the demonetisation of Narendra Modi. These are moves that fool the citizens with their supposed boldness. These are of least consequence in making the evolutionary changes that will address the issues that are faced by a system.

Decisions such as postponing elections and demonetising an economy bear the hallmark of administrators who have no idea of the requirements and objectives of their jobs. These are decisions made by people who have come into office entirely without any merit or experience for the job.

That this is not self-evident to the journalistic class(actually hangers-on) and to the people is a clear sign that democracy in India has taken a turn for the worst. The people have no idea on what democracy means.

They do not realise that an instance of wrongdoing cannot be used to put brakes on the system itself. They do not realise that wrongdoing will always be witnessed, and that the striving of a system is to continuously refine itself to eliminate the possibilities of wrongdoings. That is how intelligence works. That is how humans and the world exist.

The cancellation of the election in Radhakrishnan Nagar, which was scheduled for April 12, 2017, is an admission of the Election Commission of India that it is an organisation totally disconnected from the democratic processes, and one that is entirely functioning according to a diseased process, stemming from the Prime Minister, and the Brahmin Organisation based in Nagpur, the RSS.

Democracy in India has slipped into the hands of a criminal lot.